Internship Spotlights

Our first internship spotlight is our VP of Programming, Kristen! Kristen had a summer sales internship at Granite Telecommunications where she was responsible for assisting sales reps with intensive research and came in 2nd place for the intern sales competition! Awesome job, Kristen! 💪🏻 #tcnj #tcnjofficial #spotlightsunday

This week’s internship spotlight is one of our new members, Hope Sirimis! Here’s what she has to say about her internship experience: “For the past three summers, I had the great opportunity of interning at the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. Regardless if I was in the human resources or marketing department, my managers always gave me communication focused projects. I am now taking part in the co-op program under marketing operations.” Way to go, Hope! Keep up the great work! 💪🏻 #tcnj #tcnjofficial #spotlightsunday

Fall 2018 Induction

LPH had a wonderful fall induction ceremony at 11am in Mayo Concert Hall on November 18, 2018. Our previous advisor Dr. John Pollock, as well as our current advisor Dr. Keli Fazio, and our Communication Studies Department Chair Dr. Yifeng Hu shared regarding LPH and the department and we received 19 new inductees!

Left to right: President Alyssa Jackson, Treasurer Kiersten Newkirk, Vice President of Programming Kristen Frohlich, Vice President of Scholarship and Membership Madison Storcella

Left to right: Dr. John Pollock, Alyssa Jackson, Kiersten Newkirk, Kristen Frohlich, Madison Storcella, Dr. Keli Fazio, Dr. Yifeng Hu

Our 15 new inductees!

Apply for Membership Now!

Applications have opened for our Fall 2018 Induction – apply through our Google Form here. Apps are due by October 12, 2018.

Before you apply, make sure that you fulfill the following requirements:

• You are currently a student at The College of New Jersey
• You have completed at least 4 units within the Communication Studies Department.
• You have completed at least 20 units overall.
• You have at least a 3.3 GPA in all Communication Studies classes.
• You have at least a 3.0 GPA overall.